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Wikibeeria is created by Anders Forsell (Orion7) and Bo Eriksson (yffo). Two beer lovers from Sweden. Wikibeeria is a encyclopedia about beers, breweries and brands. Our goal is that this encyclopedia will contain information about all breweries, brands and beers in the world (during the last century or so).

English is the language of Wikibeeria.

This is not an encyclopedia for information that is not related to beer and brewing. For this type of information, please refer to wikipedia.

Wikibeeria is open to all. Create an account and contribute to the world of beer. But follow our instructions,see Help:Contents.

Do not write irrelevant information or link to irrelevant websites. Such iformation will be deleted.

Although we (Orion7 and yffo) founded we are not personally responsible for its content.